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Apr 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
out whether they're apples and oranges or whether these are all consistent. given the amount of, you know, sort of what we're hearing from eyewitnesss about guns and explosives and other activity and what neighbors around that area are saying, one has to believe that the police need to figure out who these people are. this is not typical for boston. you put the terrorist incident aside on monday night, this is not typical for this city. it's not typical for any city. the kind of activity that these two men are purported to have done just tonight. >> and, juliette, as we wait for more information about the two individuals that have been apprehended in watertown, massachusetts, this evening, we were told, of course, earlier by the massachusetts state police that there were explosives on the scene regarding these individuals and they'ir pursuit. we know one of the individuals -- at the very least, one of the individuals was asked to take off his clothes as he was apprehended. presumably that was a precaution to make sure he had nothing on his person. perhaps explosives that would be abl
Apr 24, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. the s&p 500 rising for the fourth day in a row. apple had 18% drop in earnings the first drop for apple in a decade. >>> and now i want to return to our continuing coverage of the boston bombings. tonight we are learning more about the life of the tsarnaev brothers and what they were living like before their lallegd attack. there seems to be fancy cars and a will havish lifestyle. take a look at the photographs. it shows tamerlan tsarnaev looking what appears to be rather lavish lifestyle. talented boxer. pretty fancy clothes. but it may not have been the case. from what we can report, it appears tsarnaev was strapped for cash. relying on welfare up until last year. david mattingly is "outfront" and what have you learned about the finances of this family? [ no audio ] >> -- immigrant family that didn't have a lot. the father was a mechanic and the mother offered facials out of their small apartment. they did receive assistance from the state. this could have included temporary aid and food stamps. the tsarnaev brothers would have benefited from this when they were younger, getting
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2